June 27, 2005

Mmmm, Detritus

In case you haven't seen yet, there's a new batch of Bockhorst Fields Candle Scents over at Andy's blog, and a startling visual.

Any chance there's still Sackcloth & Ashes in stock?

June 20, 2005

Record Time

Many of you have this news already, but it can use an official announcement: I've been working the last couple of weeks, as an Archival Assistant at Maryland State Archives doing quality control on land records. It's a good, if somewhat unexciting, job, though I must say being hired for actually having an applicable skill has been quite a bonus.

And I must say "unexciting" cuts both ways; I'm really just as glad to be doing something quiet and repetitive where I get left the hell alone for eight hours. It's been worth the early-morning hike to Annapolis, which I was pleased to discover takes not all that much longer than driving into Baltimore, at least during the dawn hours.

In less banal news, a reassembled OVO just spent the weekend - inspired not a little by the time-bending Fripp soundscapes show we attended Friday - making odd noises in Tony's attic and recording them. I look forward to hearing what shape it takes when it manifests properly, but the rough mix sounded pretty damn cool, even after we sobered up. Hooray! More of this sort of thing to come, let's hope.