June 23, 2006

Strange Visions

It's probably much too early to start getting excited about this; but not too early, perhaps, to fervently wish for Alan Cumming and Ian Holm in the title roles.

June 22, 2006

Ra and June

This month's been a whirlwind, Faithful Readers, and I've been off the radar as much as not; forgive my sparseness of discourse lately.

I was in NYC for MoCCA a coupla weeks ago; thence to WV this past weekend; and tomorrow I'm leaving for NEARfest, which looks to be especially good this year - I'll do an after-action report if I have the opportunity.

And somewhere in there I picked up the new Current 93 and haven't had a chance to give it the listening it deserves, though some encouraging reviews continue to get me all aflutter to do so.

That's all I got for the moment. Real Serious Blogging will commence when the dust settles. Meanwhile, here's hoping everyone had a lovely Solstice. Sumer is icumen in!

June 06, 2006

Old Dead Calendar

It's 06/06/06 today! I hope you're all enjoying your Scandinavian death metal albums and Black Masses.

Meanwhile, slacktivist commemorates the day with one of his immensely sensible meditations; and of course there's some clever Beastliness going on over at Making Light. Me, I think I'll just relax with a bit of soothing music.

(Of course, whether or not 666 has any apocalyptic significance is subject to debate, depending partly on which version of Nero's name you crunch through the gematria; but nobody released any dubious remakes last Thursday, and besides, I have a soft spot for the classics.)