February 12, 2008

Wizard of Changes, Teach Me the Lesson of Flow

I've had a substantial post in the works for a little while now, in part taking up the gauntlet for Aishwarya's memetag, and which I mean to finish, um, soonish. I've been distracted, I fear.

Mostly of my focus lately has been on updating and distributing my resume, as I found out not too long ago that my job's being reorged out of existence at the end of the month. I'm actually pretty much okay with this, much as I love what I've been doing; it helps that my current employers have been incredibly supportive (they don't really want to let me go, but it's a money thing) and I have some good leads and at least can go on the dole if it comes down to it. Andy remarked the other night that it sounds like I'm being kicked out of the nest, which is more or less how I've been thinking of it.

Nonetheless, if you're so inclined, a good thought or two in my direction would not go amiss, should you wish to help persuade the universe to find gainful (and tolerable) employment for this ragged bohemian. Something along the lines of "we will fork over bags of cash for the sake of you being clever and brilliant" for preference, but hey, my options are, of necessity, open.

In other news, the happy meds continue to work their strange magic (and thank Heaven for that). I almost don't have any basis for comparison for the change this has been, other than to marvel at what I've been missing in having emotional responses the way neurotypical folks do and not being utterly overwhelmed by goddamned everything. Yay pharmacology.

Also, tonight, we go vote. Wish us luck.