May 23, 2006

Pick a Window!

This most Erisian of dates marks the anniversary of the Second Defenestration of Prague. Celebrate appropriately.

May 19, 2006

They Eat of the Beef, and Enjoy to Look at the Bosoms

The wise and excellent Sage talks sensibly and at some length about boobs.

May 10, 2006

The First Rule of Project Mayhem

Stuff there's no social protocol for: Looking at your boss's computer at work and noticing she has a World of Warcraft icon in the Start menu, and sharing that split-second moment of nerd telepathy where you agree to pretend that you didn't see it and don't know what it is.

The Star to Every Wandering Bark

I blinked and missed the last two weeks, most of which were spent new-parenting with Monty.

He's growed a bit since then, too. We love him to pieces.