December 07, 2001

Just got my first response this morning from my esteemed collaborator Maija re: THE RESIDENTS, and the news is good. She likes the ideas and is still interested in working on it. What can I say? It's more than I deserve. I think I called the project "ambitious" and "vainglorious" in my response to her, both of which are true. It just blows my mind that there's anyone willing to put ink to drawing board to make this insane creation of mine come to life.

Almost as good, the last time I sat down to it I wrote "Page 5, Panel 3" and didn't draw a total blank. Could it be I can actually do this? It seems too much to ask. Probably a little soon to assume that I have a talent or anything for it just yet. The proof will be my providing a text that Maija can work from. We shall see.

Speaking of which, I need to catch up on her ANGELWINGS story, which I've been, y'know, "saving for later." Bad collaborator! *smek*

Ah, well. Better to have too much to do than the alternative.

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