August 20, 2002

Thought for the day: "At least it's not goddamn Monday anymore."

I'm . . . weary. Not tired as such, or depressed, or stressed out. Just weary. In need of a Guinness and a big fat Te Amo and something frou-frou with chocolate and hazelnut in it. Would love to just go home, put on THUNDER PERFECT MIND, read something cool and diverting. And perhaps I shall, in a few brief hours.

Seems the stars are right for a SANDMAN revisitation, as I've been reading 'em all out of order again for like two weeks now. Saving SEASON OF MISTS for the fall, though. And, oddly enough, it has been inspiring rather than discouraging to my own little comics-writing endeavor. So, thanks, Neil.

Roight. Speaking of things whose time has come, it's off to Headology for me. Here we go, out to brave the heat.

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