January 01, 2003

A Happy New Year to all and sundry. Me, I'm tired and melancholy to be looking back on the last day of my vacation (one which was pretty good, all told, with some minor pitfalls). Had a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch New Year's dinner of saurkraut and pork tonight, or I had pork at least, and Stacy had sausage-esque Boca links, which we trust the Powers will look as kindly on in weighing our fortunes for the coming year. (You must eat pork on New Year's Day, according to my PA Dutch ancestors, and not poultry, because, y'see, pigs root forward, but chickens scratch backward. And if you think that's wacky, you should hear some of their home remedies.)

Not much more I have the heart to report yet, my spirits being where they are, but all the same my good wishes go out to all my loved ones near and far. I sure liked 2002 heaps more than its predecessor; here's hoping this one's even better. Slainte.

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