February 06, 2004

Two Magick Serpents

Courtesy of Languagehat, a nice little dose of geek joy: Michael Everson's attempt at a translation Of Merlin's Charm of Making in the film Excalibur.

(Go on and just try to read that without hearing Nicol Williamson's voice echoing in your head. Yeah, I can't do it either.)

Also, there's a really nice (and spot-on) review of the remastered reissue of Current 93's Thunder Perfect Mind here. A great summary of the album, and why it's maybe the best intro to the C93 catalogue for the Apocalyptic Folk neophyte. Reviewer Brandon Stosuy's obviously a fan, not only because he's read England's Hidden Reverse, but also because he says things like describing "They Return to Their Earth" as "a 50s prom performed by a Celtic troupe, Tibet presiding over a room of nervous, angelic teens." (I don't know what the hell he means by that, but I love the image, which also pretty well sums up my reaction to David Tibet's lyrics about 90% of the time. So there you go.)

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