July 28, 2004

In the Heart of the Wood (and What I Found There)

SSXI was the best Swampstock ever.

Enough so that I think my melancholy at its being over is already fading in light of how very awesome it was. Magic happened. Connections were made. Many libations were downed. Tiny arachnids were filled with smoke and made to glow in the dark. That sort of thing.

OVO had a pretty grand first performance too, which was one of many things I was worried about having oversold to newcomers. We're already putting together next year's setlist. Though I'm not sure about another finale where I have to follow Bernice singing lead. (This may indeed also be why nothing was Called Up by our cover of "The Angel Highbury"; I know I'd be hesitant myself to manifest in front of someone who could turn my name into a killing word.)

Anyway, a rousing success of a weekend all around. I do believe some of all y'all who were there took photographs. Share, please?

UPDATE: As those of you who have read the comments know, lots of pictures are here and here. Revel in the virtual debauchery!

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