December 23, 2004

Hollyday Road

Quickly, before I drop off the map for a couple of days:

New job good. Still very much in terra incognita and trying to learn the language, but it's good. More on this when I've had some time to absorb.

Haven't had much chance to keep up with everyone this week, so if you've tried to get my attention somehow, it's likely been elsewhere. I'll try and get my act together after the weekend.

Meantime, a most joyous, merry and happy holiday to all. May you be touched by light, whether of the Son of Man, the Sun Unconquered, or just cheer and good company. May the Fat Man bring you a pile of goodies. And may you eat too much, drink too much, and stay up too late doing it; it is, after all, the season of Misrule.

Pax vobiscum and much love to you all.

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