October 02, 2005

Blog of the Plague Year

Pardon my recent silence, as I've been holed up for a week now with (of all damn things) an early case of the flu. It's better now, if not gone, and I've got a heavy-duty decongestant rendering me more or less functional; otherwise, it's been a week of heavy fluids, daytime TV, and waiting for it to pass.

(Sadly, this points up the sucky aspect of contract work, i.e., the not having insurance or paid sick days part. The cold star of Austerity continues to shine over me into autumn; so it goes.)

I seem to have been sick a lot this year, more so than normal. Stress and depression undoubtedly contributing factors, in these days of instability. Nothing to be done about that, but I look forward to not waking up feeling drained and full of ick every couple of months.

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