July 21, 2006

Very Seldom Naughty

Good show last weekend - or at least we more or less looked like we know what we're doing, which goes a long way.

Here's a brief rock star montage, for them of yez that missed it:

I'm off to WV tonight, and from thence to Cleveland to see Les Claypool make thumping noises and be disturbing; and after that, we're having a big rehearsal and bandthink session, so there will hopefully be more OVO-related good news here soon.

On the domestic side of things, we added four wee paddy-paws to the L-K household over the weekend. Meet Willow:

She's been having a grand time of it so far, even if it's been challenging convincing her big brother that she isn't the best squeaky toy ever.

(All photos by Miss Mita, who we are going to be missing very badly all too soon.)

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