May 02, 2007

My Fond Excuses

I know I've been neglecting this place of late. I've actually been pondering whether I want to do the necessary cleanup around here (including updating a whole bunch of links in the blogroll, installing HaloScan, and seeing if any of my archived comments can be imported) rather than packing it all up and moving to new digs; on some reflection, this feels too much like wanting to burn down the house because I don't feel like doing the dishes. So I'll be on the maintenance soon, like a responsible blogland citizen, whatever that is.

Compounding my neglect is failing to point out around here that I've been doing most of my online ruminating over on the LJ for the last month or so, where I've been doing my level best to follow Tony's advice and update regularly even if I'm not writing a masterpiece; those of you who know me may have some insight into what a challenge this poses. I know it's not everyone's favorite blogging tool (I'm getting fonder of it because, not to put too fine a point on it, Shiny! Icons!), but at least the comments don't disappear in a strong wind. Feel free to come hang around there until I get this place in order.

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