October 27, 2008

"No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

1. Yes, I know. No, nothing in particular, other than inertia and a lot of "Oh, my, is that the time?" I had the best of intentions, but you know how that one goes.

2. Well, that, and I was persuaded at some length to join Facebook. Where I think I owe a bunch of people karma, or daffodils, or appletinis, or something. Damn place is crack cut with pure evil.

3. And because I'm so good at keeping up with all my other commitments, I'm also posting to a brand-new blog featuring the members of the writing group to which Elly so graciously invited me back in the spring, and which has been occupying occasional Tuesdays for me ever since. The good news is that this is one o' them group-type thingies, so my occasional dropping out of existence might not be felt quite so keenly there.

4. Yes, I am indeed doing NaNoWriMo this year. I seriously considered extending my hiatus another round, but this is NaNoWriMo X and I'm a sucker for a lost cause. And I might not even play to win this year. (Donations of coffee and pie can be sent round to the usual address, nevertheless.)

5. Uh, so, what have you guys been up to? Did I miss anything?

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