July 06, 2012

Strange Aeons

At going on two years since my last post, this place has started to look like one of those old houses lining the lanes of the Internets, the windows darkened, the lawn overgrown. Did everyone leave, or are they still haunting the rooms, reclusive and coming slowly unhinged? It's hard to tell.

Well, for starts, I aten't dead, but I did take a long vacation from having much of a presence online. I recently  took up blogging again, at different digs; you should come visit over at Expense of Spirit, which is shaping up to be a different sort of blog than this is - a place where I'm writing the kinds of things I like to read online, about books and music and Art and all that. I'm having a very good time so far.

As to this old thing - I don't know. I started writing here over ten (!!) years ago, but to tell the truth, I wasn't really very good at keeping up the kind of online personal journal I intended this to be - when I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do with it, that is. Blogging as a field took off in a lot of different directions after I began, and I had a hard time focusing - as I often do - on which model I most wanted to adopt. So it goes.

So I'm not going to tear the place down just yet; too many fond memories, and I like having as much of a record here as this is of who I was between December 2001 and August 2010. And maybe someday I'll feel better able to let go and write the sort of things I intended to write, and I'll take it up again. Many things are possible in the world of the Web - including a little necromancy, if conditions are favorable.

But for now, I'm leaving this here as a signpost, which I hope will not look too very much like a tattered notice on a boarded-up doorway. Think of it as a message to fellow wanderers (who may or may not be lost), pointing to the next inn along the road while this place undergoes its Until Further Notice-ing. And maybe to my future self as well, who may find himself wanting a reminder of why he stepped away from the proprietorship of this odd little public house - and maybe, if fate should find it so, why he might want to start again.

In the meantime, no endings (nor beginnings neither), but a blessing on all my endeavors and yours, Gentle Reader. Om Sri Ganeshaya namah. And may all our paths be kind, and may they all lead, in good time, to home.

Dan Layman-Kennedy
July 2012

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