April 17, 2003

I sort of dropped out of all circles of correspondence this week, partially out of short-week syndrome, partially due to working on The Last Dark Art #6 (which, contrary to last week's post, will run next week if the gods are good), and partially out of sheer fatigued slackitude. So if I owe you a hello, or an email, or some IM time, or a nod that I'm not dead, and you're feeling slighted - don't. I will spread the love to each as time allows.

Tomorrow we get up bright and frickin' early to go to BWI and fly to fair Buffalo, New York, from whence we'll drive almost immediately to Rochester for Easter-weekend fun with my cousins. It'll be my first time on a plane in, oh, twelve years. And then I get to do it again in a couple of weeks when we go to the Big Easy, and hopefully again in the fall, to Ireland; suddenly my life has more flying in it than a Miyazaki film. I don't have any particular irrational fear of flying, other than a sort of deep-seated primordial twinge at the wrongness of being so far disconnected from the earth, but it's sort of weird to be doing so much of something all in the space of a few months that's been not at all a part of my life for over a decade. But whatever. I move only haltingly and with difficulty from my comfort zone, which is probably the biggest key to understanding my essential nature I can offer anyone.

In any case, I've been preparing myself for harassment-by-security-for-looking-like-an-anarchist, and reducing the number of metal things on my person to that which can be scooped up in one hand and put in a little basket. Thus I do my part to keep the world, if not safer, at least running more efficiently. (Can't win 'em all.) I only hope that the airport officials don't consider having a copy of Exalted in your shoulder-bag as marking you out as some sort of dangerous weirdo deviant in need of a frisking; not that I'm paranoid, just that you never know.

In other news, both Matt and Caren now have blogs as of this past week, thus expanding the Circle of Exhibitionism in the Greater DC Area. Which already long included Martha (the Good), to whom I linked a couple of weeks ago without giving the attention or notice she is properly due - a thing I remedy now.

I was sure all hopped up on caffeine this morning ("oneoneoneoneAH! oneoneoneone TWO!"), but it's sort of passed now. Sigh. I'm just hoping that not having to go to work tomorrow will compensate for having to get up at an ungodly fucking hour anyway; I'm sure I'll need to be having teh java by the time we hit Buffalo, if not long before. Braaaaiiiiiiin!

And that's all I got. More when I return.

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