April 11, 2003

Not much going on here, other than it's been a sad wet cold week in Our Fair City, and I'm ready for spring now, please.

Spent much slack this week tooling around the forums at RPGnet, which are like unto crack and have cost the University no small amount of my personal man-hours in the handful of days since I signed up there. The only thing I'm close to as addicted to these days is my portable Walkman MP3 player, which rocks my socks just because I can carry around my entire King Crimson library without having to worry about the hundreds of dollars I'd be out if I sat on my CD case. Perhaps someday the novelty of both will wear off, but for now I lack perspective.

I've spent the last week intending like hell to get some real writing done, and it has failed to manifest. Perhaps it's a result of overextension. I've brewed up all these excellent projects for myself, and what I really need to do is knuckle down and turn The Vasty Deep into a publishable (and, well, finished) manuscript in the interest of being able to spend all my time in my pajamas someday. And I think once I at least have a complete work there, all of the rest will flow.

Also I need to write this month's Last Dark Art to run next week, but that's another slice of pie entirely.

Going to be a busy run of weekends for a bit, too. Not that that's bad, just... busy. So it goes.

But for now, I shall retire to the sofa and catch as much of the midnight showing of Farscape as my daily fatigue allots me. I am a-weary, and require unwinding and sexy space opera. Too little of either on a regular basis makes Dan a sad panda indeed, it seems. And in the interest of avoiding further incoherencies, adieu.

(Oh, yeah, Maija: I did get your pictures, which were lovely, and haven't sent you my regular fanboy commentary because I had the notion I shouldn't until I set aside time to give them the attention they deserve yadda yadda and wound up procrastinating that just like every other damn thing in my life. Which is all shorthand for "because I'm a big lame idiot." I send you my apologies now, and assurances that I shall make amends soon. When I make it to Finland someday, you can kick me in the shins and I will not resist even a little.)

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