May 10, 2003

I became a member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund today. This was long overdue, and I've been, y'know, Thinking About It for quite some time. But today's the day I said to myself, "I just got paid and I have no excuses."

It's a tremendous blow for free speech to support these guys, who do Good Things in places you might not even know they needed to be done. And they sell tremendously cool stuff too. If you've got the cash to spend, there are worse things to do with it than get yourself a $25 1-year membership or pick up some of their merchandise. And then the next time you go and pick up Lucifer or Max and Lily or Small Favors right off the shelf at your Friendly Local Comics Store, you can feel good about having helped keep them there.

Stacy still sick, but on antibiotics and improving. Been a rough week or two for her. Damn spring. Hopefully we can manage some retail therapy tomorrow, and the recovery will be in full swing.

Now I go unwind. Crappy week. More updates later.

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