March 22, 2004

Lame Dork

So I got out of work on Friday and managed to, on the way to the car, twist my ankle something fierce, such that I've been pretty much laid up for the last three days. The professional medical opinion so far is that it's a sprain and not a break, at least according to initial x-rays, but I've still been out of commission and on ice anyway. The lying around watching DVDs is nice, kind of; the hobbling around with a cane and not really being able to go anywhere is not. And feeling guilty about Stacy having to take care of me isn't much fun either, despite her being relentlessly sweet and cheerful about it. So, on the whole, a thumbs-down.

So that's why I've been even less diligent about my correspondence than usual. A longer, better update is soon to come; in the meantime, check out some of the new sidebar links. (And many thanks to Rivka for dropping by the other night; we mustelidae should stick together.)

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