January 25, 2006

Hipy Papy Bthuthdth Thuthda Bthuthdy

I'm 23 today! ...Wait. Strike that; reverse it.

I've been lax and slack about posting this year, and I wish I could tell you it was because I've been producing brilliant Art instead; but no, mostly it's just that I'm getting old and lazy and it's winter and, yeah. You know this tune.

But as I failed to report in a timely fashion, the last gig went quite well, and I have another lined up for February 18th, so obviously we're not doing too badly. (Thanks, indeed, to everyone who dropped in and made that weekend the roaring Bacchanalian success it was.) And I got a new job over last weekend; more details on that later. The point being that things are indeed looking up.

And Janine has now joined the household, which is a good thing for everyone. We've already managed to get the Buffy hook in her, because, well, that's what we do.

More of everything soon. Meanwhile, I'm off for a celebratory drink to mark my inverted Illumination. Whee!

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