February 11, 2006

The Everyday Turned Solitary

Heaven and Earth, people. You'd think I hadn't posted since... Oh. Right. Never mind.

Some updates in brief, then:

Just finished Week One at the new job, and it went pretty darn well, all considered. Lots to learn, but the atmosphere can't be beat, and they don't seem to regret hiring me. I call that a win.

A week from this very day will be the return of OVO to The Cup, this time around featuring the guitar-god genius of Big Tony. (And here's your collectible poster, fenfolk.) And as a special bonus, we've got a talented young up-and-coming singer-songwriter named Kristen Watts opening for us, so it looks to be a heck of a night.

I've also been recording a bit over the past week; they're one-off demo versions, but some of 'em don't sound half bad. Judge ye for yourself by this, and this.

And that's about the run of things for the last few weeks hereabouts, though we continue to eagerly await the arrival of Andy within the month. More news as I knows it. Promise.

(There. Happy now, Fawning Admirers? Good. Go bug Maija next.)

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