February 23, 2010

In Dozens of Colors of Thread

So Elly, who is one of the finest writers and crafters I know, is starting to do how-to videos, and the first one out the gate is showing that she has as deft a hand with a video editor as she does with a blue pencil.* Behold:

Fantastic. And while the polish and perfectionism of her work is what I admire, it's the lolcats and the two-headed chicks that make her One Of Us.

(Impressed? She also sells this stuff, you know.)
*Proverbially. It being the Digital Age and all, I've never actually seen her mark up a hardcopy even when it was my prose she was providing with Gentle Correction. But Elly is an editor's editor, and the blue pencil, like the sword, exists always in the mind.


  1. [g]

    Like you, I like to promote the work of my friends.