October 31, 2002

Happy Samhain to all and sundry - a cold and blustery sort of day around these parts. Autumn, it seems, put in its two weeks and got the hell out of town. At least it stopped raining, and we're getting good leaves.

Midnight kicks off my work on A THOUSAND THRONES for NaNoWriMo (well, the work proper, as opposed to the fussing and outlining and note-taking and assorted stuff I've been doing for the last three weeks) and I think I got the fear. Gaaaah! No to mention that I just learned yesterday about the phenomenon (most common to fanfic, but not unknown in your regular sort of original fic too) of Mary Sue-ism, and shuddered as I found that Jenny Haniver is probably herself some variety of Mary Sue. Gaaah, again - suddenly I feel all lame. It's like I never knew what a hack I really was until now.

Too late now, though. Motherfucker.

(I console myself with the knowledge I must be doing something right, as I got a whole bunch of really kickass Jenny drawings from Maija yesterday. Her vision is eerily similar enough to Spyder's that I'm wondering now if they secretly have design meetings at some undisclosed rendezvous point. Greenland, perhaps.)

Got some really good recording done in PA over the weekend, including an new-and-improved version of "Master van Rijn" that we more or less kept laying tracks on until we ran out of instruments. Very cool. Fear the whistle.

And Tony got a new bass, and now I have to have one too. Bastard. Thanks a lot, big brother.

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