October 24, 2002

Heading up to Allentown tomorrow night - back into the studio to record "Athena, Send Owls" and, um, the other one. It'll be a long drive after an exhausting week, but nothing a fat cigar and a Current 93 compilation tape can't fix.

Stacy still recovering from a fight with the washing machine on Sunday, which had us in the emergency room for several hours while she got shot up with painkillers and they stitched her toenail back on. It was even funny after a while. As of today she's not limping quite as bad, and I've stopped waiting for her to say "Yeth, marthter" all the time. And the wound doesn't look quite so much like Pinhead's been at it as it did two days ago. So that's one crisis down.

And yesterday, part two of The Last Dark Art went online.

Did some vague outlining for the NaNovel last night. A week from midnight tonight, I'll be there, all ready to stare at the blank screen and curse at myself. Wooch. The lengths I go to.

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