October 02, 2002

Last Saturday was spent at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where I did not, sadly, go in costume, as all my pseudo-period clothing is either in need of cleaning or not finished. Just as well, since on two different occasions young women came up to me and started conversations about Neil Gaiman based on my Sandman t-shirt - appropriately enough, since every time I'm at a Ren faire all I can think of all day is Hob Gadling saying "You should spray 'em all with shit as they come through the gates." Tee hee.

High point of the day, and worth at least the price of admission, was seeing the Mediaeval Baebes. They'd done a couple of weekends at the MD faire, and this was their last show of the season; they played to a packed house. (We had to sit all the way up front on the ground. Heartbreaking.) The Baebes are at least as awesome in person as on their CD, and they did "Gaudete" (the first song of theirs I'd ever heard), so I really felt at that moment like a fulfilled person. And I sat there with the sun glaring in my eyes, both feet taking turns falling asleep, a crick in my neck from looking up and my arse covered with wet mulch, and so did not care.

THE VASTY DEEP hit just over 9000 words last night. It's a start. If I can do five times that in half the time, I'll be ready for NaNoWriMo.

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