March 08, 2003

I just now, just moments ago, received my copy of the Princess Mononoke DVD I ordered last week from Hooray!

I'm thinking that's probably another 135 minutes that just got shaved off the sleep I'll get the weekend of the 28th. So it goes.

Have calmed down quite a bit since going all Spider Jerusalem in Wednesday's post, though I haven't changed my mind about any of it (I stand by my assertion that if having a johnson makes it hard for you to use a fax machine or a photocopier, you're doing it wrong). But I've had some faith restored that sense prevails in the circles where it matters. I really believe that the day will come when all the tiny-minded will be lonely folk indeed; perhaps not in my lifetime, or my progeny's, but someday. I can hope, anyway.

Wednesday, also, was the birthday of David Tibet, which might account for any number of strange energies in circulation last week. So in belated celebration, I tip this glass of heady wine, from "The Cloud of Unknowing" on the brilliant, haunting Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre:

Under the rain and teeth of gods
Under the pain and sleeping liddy eyes
Under the brokked wetful heaven
If you are there
If you are there
If you are there
Then I am singing with my eyes

Blessings of the Thunder Perfect Mind on you, Mr. Tibet. And many happy returns indeed.

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