March 13, 2003

This week's most rewarding source of slack has been the webcomic Something Positive, which is geeky black humor of the kind that makes me grin evilly, and, not infrequently, laugh out loud like a moron. It's consistently good, and often brilliant, and has a lot of moments of things I wish I'd thought of first; go check it out. A caveat, though: it's probably not for the faint of heart. Lines like "I could menstruate a better cup of coffee than this" are at the mild end of SP's brand of mean-funny dialogue, so be prepared.

Turning a one-eighty of sorts from there, I also discovered just yesterday, on the advice of Neil Gaiman's blog, the delights of Gothic Miss Manners, the eloquent guardian of propriety for the black-clad and spooky set. And if I hadn't already been won over by the time I read it, the entry here would have made me a fan for life, where she says:

Oh, and it’s even MORE rude to shout requests for songs that aren’t by that band. Shouting “Freebird!” in the middle of a concert is tacky and dumb, not funny.

(Yes boys and girls, this really happened at a concert Gothic Miss Manners attended recently. She was appalled, and desperately wanted to go start stabbing the offenders with her hatpins.)

(As have I. But I'm glad I didn't have to be the one to say it.)

Tonight after work, I go to Union Station to scout out landmarks in the event it's impossible to decipher where the hell a train from New York is going to pull in. Much as it galls my Dionysian soul, it seems useful, when two short people are likely to be running around a very large place trying to locate one another, to have a Plan. So I shall do my best to formulate one that agrees with the local geography.

And that's all. Time for lunch.

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