June 24, 2003

The Big Reveal

It's official.

I will be directing The Tempest this fall at the Chevy Chase Community Center.

I sent in the proposal for this sucker fully a year and a half ago when they had an open call for scripts, expecting nothing. So it was a big shock, to say the least, when the good folks there called me up last week to say they were interested. Wooch! I figured it had just gone the way of all slushpiles, but they were actually really excited about my ideas. I couldn't freakin' believe it.

I still can't. I'm walking on air.

So tonight was my first sit-down with the Committee, such as it is, to talk shop and air out my wacky plans for this thing. And I got to throw around phrases like "Prospero's ambivalent relationship with otherness" and not get a round of blank stares. I felt like a chocoholic with a hundred-dollar Lindt coupon. It was fabulous.

So I audition right before we go to Fiji. Opening night is Halloween. It hardly seems possible to be saying such things, but there you are.

I wonder if these people don't realize that they have just handed the speed-freak the keys to the meth lab, or somehow don't care. Either way, I'm not exactly complaining. I expect I'll be grinning like a moron for some time to come, and checking my conversations to see if they scan, but that's just par for the course. Me and Dirty Willy, together again at last.

And needless to say, I'll be updating as it seems fit.

Huzzah, indeed!

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