June 04, 2003

So my CBLDF card came yesterday. It features a drawing by comics monolith Jim Lee in censorship-busting red, black and white. The same Jim Lee who, as I understand it, also recently drew a picture of Spyder which I still haven't fucking seen and don't make me come up to New York just to give you a beating because I will dammit so there.


The Marthas got married last weekend and it was great. (If all weddings were like Quaker weddings they wouldn't terrorize me so much. For that and general coolness - go Quakers.) If you weren't among the fortunate to attend, you can see the Marthas in all their bridal radiance, among other things, in the pictures Todd took here. Also, I didn't suck hardly at all playing the Interlude music, and that made me happy.

And it looks like I may be playing Nobilis soon, which is terribly, terribly exciting. I couldn't ask for a better return to doing some actual gaming after far too long a hiatus; Nobilis is so cool I can hardly stand it. And no, none of the character concepts I've been toying with have been the Power of Ambiguity, so don't even ask, you snarky fuckers.

And NEARfest is in just over three weeks. Wooch! I went two years ago and left a born-again proghead, without knowing who the hell anyone playing there was beforehand. Now I actually have coolness to look forward to, being all psyched up about the Flower Kings and Glass Hammer. Next time I may even know what the hell "aeolian scale" means. The goal, of course, is to fill my head entirely with useless things so that I'm completely unable to have a lucid conversation outside a few very select circles. Kinda like a philosophy major of geekdom.

First, though, I need food. So off I go.

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